The Dressmaker: 'I don't believe in curses'

The Dressmaker: 'I don't believe in curses'
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In this scene from The Dressmaker (2015), Teddy (Liam Hemsworth) is being fitted for a suit by Tilly (Kate Winslet). He uses the opportunity to attempt to win her over, despite her having already told him she could not get involved because she is cursed.

This scene also includes a key exchange between Molly (Judy Davis) and Tilly. Molly proves that she has been paying close attention to Tilly's work and recognises her unique talent and the impact she's had on the town. It is a significant turning point in Molly and Tilly's relationship as Molly finally lets her guard down.

There is also a very skilfully shot comic moment in this scene with the two bickering women on opposite sides of the frame, paying little attention to the handsome Teddy in the centre, stripping off his clothes to be measured.