The Dragon Flies for US release

Poster art for a film called 'The Dragon Flies' showing a handing holding a sword. Reflected in the sword is a man's face. There are also other drawings of different characters in the film and on a scroll that is bordered by dragons.
The Dragon Flies for US release
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This is an original US poster for the Brian Trenchard-Smith film The Dragon Flies, AKA The Man From Hong Kong (1975), which was released in the US in August 1975 with the tagline 'The Devil Dies When the Dragon Flies'.

The Man from Hong Kong was renamed The Dragon Flies for US release and was an enormous success for Trenchard-Smith. The film was a 50-50 co-production between Hong Kong and Australia and features Hong Kong Inspector Fang Sing Leng (Jimmy Wang Yu) as he travels to Australia to extradite drug dealer Win Chan (Sammo Hung).

The poster has an engagingly exotic tone and the dynamic slashing sword, with martial artist's reflection, is an exciting image. Had the poster given the smaller scenes at the bottom of the poster more prominence, it might have made for an overall more visually enticing design.