Down to Earth: Jimmy Barnes' message on household waste

Down to Earth: Jimmy Barnes' message on household waste
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Jimmy Barnes was among a number of celebrities and entertainers to appear in the 1989 television special Down To Earth to promote awareness of environmental degradation. In this excerpt he delivers a dire message about the dangers of household waste in an attempt to encourage everyday Australians to do their part in reducing pollution. 

The two-hour special, produced by Network Ten and hosted by journalist Geraldine Doogue, covered broad issues such as deforestation, depletion of the ozone layer, overpopulation, the Greenhouse Effect, salination and the disposal of toxic wastes. It looked at how each of us can help by adopting safe environmental practices in our lives. 

It's slightly odd seeing Barnes in the role of 'environmental warrior' but given that he has lent his time to many social causes over the decades it's also not surprising. The clip opens with Jimmy providing his voice-over to dramatic images of waste and pollution, before cutting to a simple but not terribly informative animated graphic.

Seeing Jimmy seated in a large leather armchair beside a fire, telling us what natural products can be substituted for harmful chemical household cleaners, is an abrupt departure from his usual rock'n'roll backdrop of stage or recording studio. But he speaks well and makes the message clear. He has a way of communicating to the camera that convinces you he means what he says.