Don Bradman in England

Don Bradman in England
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Don Bradman is interviewed in 1930 while on tour in England. It is an informal interview, with Bradman talking casually as he puts on his cricket jumper and jacket.

Bradman discusses the dull light in England, his cricket ambitions, Jack Hobbs and his wish to return to England after the tour.

We gain insights into Bradman’s abilities such as his extraordinary stamina, which he attributes to abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol, rather than an innate ability.

Bradman also demonstrates his batting techniques, offering verbal tips.

Summary by Elizabeth Taggert - Speers

This interview with Don Bradman would most likely have been edited into a newsreel and screened at the cinema.

Don Bradman in England  synopsis

Don Bradman is interviewed in 1930 while on tour in England. He gives a demonstration of various batting techniques.


Curator's notes

his one on one interview with Don Bradman was probably filmed for a newsreel that would have been screened at the cinema.

Although the camera remains still, the film is used as an effective tool to demonstrate the various batting techniques that Bradman uses.

Notes by Elizabeth Taggert - Speers