Deborah Mailman guest stars as the PM on Get Krack!n

Deborah Mailman guest stars as the PM on Get Krack!n
WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following program may contain images and/or audio of deceased persons
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Warning: This clip contains course language.

Get Krack!n was a satirical take on Australian morning television shows by the team behind The Katering Show, starring Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney or 'the Kates' as they have become known.

Self-described as 'the late, late show of Australian morning shows', Get Krack!n is hosted by the Kates who come across as painfully awkward and their crew are seemingly incompetent. Their studio, decked out in bright colours like orange and yellow, is typical of a commercial network morning show and their use of equipment like exercise balls in place of a couch or chairs adds to the farcical nature of the program.

This excerpt from series 1, episode 7 features Deborah Mailman playing a fictional Australian Prime Minister. In this episode normal programming for the show's women’s health special is interrupted with breaking news of a large-scale disaster.

The Kates cut to a press briefing with Prime Minister Burney (Mailman) who makes a speech to reassure the nation that the government is doing everything in its power to control the situation. The staging for the press briefing is convincing, with Mailman wearing a dark suit and standing in front of a podium with an Auslan interpreter by her side. Note the questions from the press gallery as she leaves the podium, which are totally unrelated to the disaster and are instead focussed on the PM's personal life - an interesting take on the way the Australian media treats female politicians.

As Prime Minister Burney continues to speak, the screen becomes almost entirely covered with Get Krack!n watermarks which is seemingly a joke about typical morning programs on commercial television and their extensive use of watermarking and overlays. 

However, no one seems to know the specific details about the nature of the disaster, what or who is involved or where it has occurred, but the Get Krack!n team are desperate to get the scoop before their show comes to an end.

The choice of Deborah Mailman to play Prime Minister and her references to asylum seekers, refugees, minorities, Aboriginal people and the flag is, of course, a very pointed commentary on the state of Australia and Australian politics at the time.

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Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan, Kate Dehnert
Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Deborah Mailman, Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan