Deathcheaters Daybill

Poster showing men holding weapons, women in bikinis, vehicles, a dog, a helicopter and a hang glider all around the page with writing and film credits scattered among the images.
Deathcheaters Daybill
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In this daybill for Deathcheaters Brian Trenchard-Smith teams up with Australian stunt legend Grant Page in his first lead role, playing opposite John Hargreaves. Page later starred in Trenchard-Smiths Stunt Rock in 1978.

Trenchard-Smith's wife Margaret Gerard plays the female Lead. The plot is about two ex-Vietnam commandos who perform stunt work for television and are hired by the government for a secret mission. 

What a strange daybill! What's the speech bubble coming out of a Basset Hound all about?

This poster looks cheap and cheerful as it packs in multiple moments from the film in a collage of competing images - hang-gliders, guns, cars, helicopters. It references even more, thanks to the frankly bizarre inclusion of a basset hound and speech bubble in the bottom right corner.

The many images convey a sense of action and the dog adds humour. If nothing else, this very busy 1970s daybill poster is successful in making you feel intrigued.