Dead End Drive-In for Yugoslavian Release

Close up of a menacing looking man with dark eye make up and an evil grin. His head looms over a smaller image of a neon-lit drive in cinema and empty road.
Dead End Drive-In for Yugoslavian Release
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This is a one-sheet poster designed for the Yugoslavian release of Brian Trenchard-Smith's Dead End Drive-In (1986).

The film was released in Australia on 2 August 1986 and stared Ned Manning, Natalie McCurry and Wilbur Wilde. Dead End Drive-In was released worldwide and was titled Smrt u auto-kinu ('Death at the car cinema') in Yugoslavia, as seen in this rare poster. Dead End Drive-In is set in a near future where a teenage couple get trapped in a drive-in theatre that has been converted into a camp for social outcasts.

A road that leads nowhere, the ticket booth of a drive-in theatre sinking into the ground like the Titanic, and a large leering, ghoulish face overseeing it all makes for an effective and disturbing poster. All the elements combine to project a sinister mood that captures the theme of the movie.