Dead End Drive-In

Poster art for the film Dead End Drive-In show a young man holding a machine gun and woman running away from a drive-in cinema. There is a red car with headlights on hovering above their heads. The film title and credits are at the bottom.
Dead End Drive-In
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'Getting in was easy ... Getting out is hell on wheels.' This is the tag line on this one-sheet poster for the Australian release of Dead End Drive-In (1986) on 22 August 1986.

The film was shot at a Matraville drive-in in Sydney's eastern suburbs in 1985, and the film featured in the documentary Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!' (Mark Hartley, Australia, 2008).

With so many potentially great images from the film it's disappointing not to see them feature on the poster. Instead, the strangely tame poster suggests a 1980s teen flick rather than a dark, sinister and even transgressive R-rated film.