David Campbell interviews Jimmy Barnes

David Campbell interviews Jimmy Barnes
Nine Network Australia
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Jimmy Barnes was interviewed for the very first time by his son David Campbell, and co-host Sonia Kruger, on Mornings. The interview shows a very playful side to their father and son relationship. Like his father, Campbell has made a name for himself as a singer, not of rock music, but of swing music, and has appeared in numerous musical theatre productions including portraying Johnny O'Keefe and Bobby Darin on stage.

This riotous 'interview' is amusing to watch if sometimes difficult to follow. Sonia Kruger does her best to keep it moving along but the banter between father and son makes it almost impossible. There's an extra curiosity value in seeing their exchange since David did not learn until he was around ten years old that Jimmy was his father (David was raised instead by his maternal grandparents).

It's a fun segment to watch and the photos of young Jimmy Barnes with his 'wing nut' ears add to the humour. It's a pity we don't get to see David performing, to compare his different style and choice of material to that of his father.