Dannii Minogue's last show: Young Talent Time, 1988

Dannii Minogue's last show: Young Talent Time, 1988
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Team members’ final shows are always emotional and bittersweet. This is a perfect example of the formula Young Talent Time followed for these rites of passage.

A song is followed by a speech and gift presentation from host Johnny Young and the team members, similar to a 21st birthday party. Then the departing cast member sings a final song. Other team member's last shows include Tina Arena (1983) and Joey Perrone (1984).

The theme of family is always emphasised on the show and the camera regularly cuts away to Dannii’s mother Carol and sister Kylie (already a star on Neighbours at this stage) watching with the other team members. Johnny’s own daughters even make an appearance.

Danielle Minogue, now known as Dannii, joined the Young Talent Team in 1982 after first appearing as a talent contestant in 1979 on her 8th birthday, and remained one of the show’s most popular team members. She stayed with the show until 1988.

These episodes were emotional for fans who have watched the team members grow up and the show maximises the impact by including footage of Dannii as a youngster, demonstrating how far she has come. 

Her first song is a cover of 'Cry' by Kids in the Kitchen, written by Claude Carranza and Craig Harnath. Her final song is ‘How Do You Keep the Music Playing’, composed by Michel Legrand with lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman, from the movie Best Friends (1982). 

After she graduated from Young Talent Time Dannii joined the cast of All the Way (1988) and then Home and Away (1989–90) and has had success as a singer, actor, television personality and fashion designer.

In a full circle moment since her appearance as a contestant on Young Talent Time, Dannii now features as a judge on multiple talent show formats, including Australia’s Got Talent, The X Factor (UK and Australian editions) and The Masked Singer Australia.

As a singer, she has sold more than 7 million records worldwide.

This excerpt comes from episode 88/14 which was produced on 17 April 1988. 

Notes by Beth Taylor