Dame Edna and her adoring fans: 'Let me look at you'

Dame Edna and her adoring fans: 'Let me look at you'
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Dame Everage gives us a bit of 1980s nostalgia when she urges viewers to video her show on VHS tape so the kiddies don't miss out, in this excerpt from An Aussie Audience With Dame Edna.

Referencing Sir Les Patterson's introduction at the top of the show, Everage says 'I don't need any introduction. I hope I don't! Unless of course this is being popped in a time capsule along with a lot of my other contributions to the communications industry.'

Edna's dramatic entrance on stage is one of her familiar tropes, and this is a fine example. She is dressed in a couture 'frock'.

Sitting amongst a room full of her 'peers, peering at her', guests include: musicians Angry Anderson, John Farnham and Graeme 'Shirley' Strachan; music guru Molly Meldrum; fashion icons Prue Acton and Jenny Kee; Olympian Dawn Fraser; entrepreneur Bob Ansett; sportspeople Grant Kenny and Ron Barassi; actors Barry Crocker, Linda Stoner, Noeline Brown, Rowena Wallace and even Barry Humphries himself, with his then-wife Diane Millstead.

A clip of the introduction shows the calibre of 1980s star power in the room.

Notes by Beth Taylor