The Crew: production design, props, wardrobe and make-up

The Crew: production design, props, wardrobe and make-up
South Australian Film Corporation,
Australian Film Television and Radio School
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An excerpt from the documentary, The Crew filmed on the set of Storm Boy.  Film crews at their best are finely tuned machines - each piece working to produce a beautiful work. Production designer David Copping explains the responsibilities of him and his crew. Ken James explains the job of a stand-by props person. In voice-over, director of photography Geoff Burton explains the importance of make-up, even for a film like Storm Boy that requires a very natural look. Jennifer Zadow from the wardrobe department says it's been a challenge to keep the costumes dirty and in a sufficient state of disrepair, 'complete with fish scales', on the film.

By focussing on the crew members working rather than having them speak to camera, the clip succeeds in providing a fascinating behind the scenes insight into the making of a feature film. The voiceovers are effective in explaining what they are trying to achieve and the challenges they confront. Although each crew specialisation is talked about only very briefly, seeing them at work makes it feel like a full picture of their jobs. 

Notes by Beth Taylor