Crash Zone: The Dream Team - Argo is a doofus

Crash Zone: The Dream Team - Argo is a doofus
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Stuffy old Nigel (Richard Moss) is worried about the kids being loud. Alex (Nicki Wendt) tells him that if she wants a boring game then she will hire a boring kid. The kids – Mike (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Pi (Cassandra Magrath), Bec (Frances Wang), Marcello (Paul Pantano) and Ram (Damien Bodie) have a great time when they team up to see how many ways they can trash Argo, the test game’s hero. Alex is delighted when they tell her that Argo is a dork. She then challenges them to each come up with a better design for a game character. Summary by Annemaree O'Brien.

Nigel personifies older people who don’t understand or appreciate the energy and inventiveness of the young in a cutting edge, youthful industry, while Alex wants the kids because she understands that she needs these qualities if her games are to appeal to a younger market. The look and personality of a game hero is also of interest.


Crash Zone synopsis

Five very different Melbourne kids, Mike (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Pi (Cassandra Magrath), Bec (Frances Wang), Marcello (Paul Pantano) and Ram (Damien Bodie) independently discover a coded message while playing games on the internet. By following the clues and playing the game, they are led to a meeting with Alexandra Davis (Nicki Wendt), head of software company Catalyst. She has a dream job – testing video games after school. But she only has one job and there are five of them. The competition is strong but they work well together and ultimately Alex offers them all a job except for Ram because he is too young. Ram sort of accepts this but hangs around anyway. Working together brings new relationships and friendships. It also brings surprises, including the discovery of Virgil (Matthew Parkinson), a strange artificial intelligence loose on the net.


Crash Zone Curator's notes

At the time this was an edgy, high-tech series based on video gaming. While some of the technology now looks a bit dated, the stories remain engaging and the characters are very appealing. The look and feel of the series is still fresh and exciting and the sets are gorgeous.

Crash Zone first went to air on the Seven Network at 9.30 am on Saturday 13 February 1999, starting with The Dream Team. It screened weekly in this timeslot.

Notes by Annemaree O'Brien

Production company:
The Australian Children's Television Foundation
Patricia Edgar
Line producer:
Bernadette O'Mahony
Esben Storm
Writer, script editor:
Philip Dalkin
Chris Neal, Braedy Neal
Produced in association with Disney Channel Australia