Concrete City: Save our park

Concrete City: Save our park
Frontyard Films
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Pyrmont is an inner western suburb of Sydney. The City West Development Corporation has major plans to redevelop the area. The area’s heritage elements and community spirit is challenged by the rapid development. Facing the loss of a park, residents realise they must take an active interest in developments. A shared concern strengthens their sense of community.

Summary by Damien Parer

Title Synopsis

Residents of Pyrmont, a suburb next to the city of Sydney, try to secure meaningful consultation with the various government bodies involved in a proposed redevelopment in their area. Planners and developers also explain their point of view. The documentary uses footage shot at residents’ meetings and of the consultation process with authorities. There is also some historical footage and excellent coverage of the Pyrmont area showing its close proximity to Sydney Harbour and its intimate community life.

Title Curator's Notes

The documentary is an interesting report on the human face of development in 1994. Redeveloping older areas of cities is happening everywhere and it is always difficult to satisfy both the desires and needs of new businesses and maintain the integrity of local neighbourhoods. Overall this film is engaging and informative. It would be good to see a film made now on the redevelopment ten years later.

Notes by Damien Parer

Executive Producer:
Geoff Barnes
Mandy King, Fabio Cavadini
Fabio Cavadini, Mandy King