Cate Shortland directing Lore

Director Cate Shortland directs a room full of people. We see the other people from behind and out of focus.
Cate Shortland directing Lore
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Cate Shortland directs actors in a production still from the making of Cate's second feature Lore (2012).

It can be a challenge to capture meaningful images of directors directing, but this image manages to convey the sense that all eyes are on the director for guidance during a shoot.

Having everyone except Cate out of focus in this photo creates a striking and satisfying composition. Shot from behind, it also cleverly places the viewer in the frame, as if we are one of the cast, giving it an effective immediacy and focusses our attention on Cate giving instructions. The photographer has also done well in low light conditions, a common challenge on film sets, and is a good demonstration of their skill.