Case Histories in Supervision, episode 2: By-Pass

Case Histories in Supervision, episode 2: By-Pass
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One of Jack Thompsons earliest roles, as a young designer frustrated at a manager who refuses to recognise his good ideas.

Episode 2 (out of 6) in a series of training films produced by the Commonwealth Film Unite for the Commonwealth Public Service. This episode questions whether the defined lines of office communication and command should always be adhered to, and explores what happens when reporting structures potentially create a barrier to good ideas.

Jack Thompson's character has innovative ideas about sanitary block plumbing, but his supervisor is not interested. An awkward situation is created when he goes over his supervisor's head to a superior who is similarly frustrated by a lacklustre response to his ideas about door knobs.

Prior to this film, Thompson had appeared on Skippy and other television series. His feature film debut followed in 1971, with Wake in Fright. He is one of Australia's busiest and beloved actors.

Arch Nicholson
Gilbert J. Brealey
Writer :
Martyn Sanderson
Cinematographer :
Kerry Brown, Bruce Hillyard
Editor :
Wayne Le Clos
Sound recordist:
Gordon Wraxall
Jack Thompson