Capertee Valley, Compilation by Vicki Powys

Capertee Valley, Compilation by Vicki Powys
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A series of highlight excerpts from the Vicki Powys Wildlife Sounds Database, selected by NFSA Sound curator, Tessa Elieff.

These recordings are a compilation of bird-call and atmospheres gathered by Australia's field recordist Vicki Powys, as heard within Capertee Valley, New South Wales. They commence with a recording of the Critically Endangered, Regent Honeyeater. Once a common bird, this species' breeding grounds have been reduced to only three known breeding areas in Australia. Capertee Valley is one of these.

Recorded between 1997 and 2011

General Note: Vicki Powys has been recording and writing about bird song since the 1980's. Her recording expertise includes developing stereo configurations specifically for wildlife recording based on the SASS (Stereo Ambient Sampling System) design. Vicki is also a key member of the AWSRG (Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group).