Can Lou Reed Surface From The Velvet Underground

Can Lou Reed Surface From The Velvet Underground
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Lillian Roxon champions ahead-of-their-time band The Velvet Underground and lead singer Lou Reed, who is about to strike out on his own. Lou Reed was a regular at Roxon's New York haunt Max's Kansas City so the two knew each other well.

The report shows her ear for talent and position at the vanguard of '70s rock, as her comments about Reed’s future success as a solo artist proved accurate.

Amid an entertaining, fact-filled history of Reed and the Underground, Roxon drops some beautifully eloquent appraisal of Reed’s ‘sinister, cynical and yet strangely poetic songs’.

She breathes equal depth of feeling into her one-word summation of a new Velvet Underground live album as simply ‘cosmic’.

This is an episode of the radio show Discotique – a two-minute ‘daily newscast from the world of music’ produced in 1971 and syndicated on 250 radio stations in the United States.

The cover image for this title is from 'Velvet Underground' (1968). Photographer: Billy Name. The effortless, underground cool of the band is exemplified by this dynamic image of its members.

Notes by Beth Taylor