Buckley family collection: Koala and kangaroo

Buckley family collection: Koala and kangaroo
Anthony Buckley
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This home movie footage was shot by Kethel Timothy (KT) Buckley, father of filmmaker Anthony Buckley, in the 1930s in Sydney. It features a koala and then a kangaroo with joey; where the film was shot is unknown.

It is part of a collection of home movies that together create a unique record of a family, from 1929 to the 1960s. Three Buckley brothers – Horace Patrick (HP), Brian and Keth – all took up the hobby of home movies in the late 1920s and early 30s.

Anthony Buckley, Kethel's son, started shooting 9.5mm home movies in 1950 and 16mm in 1956. His childhood fascination with home movies led to a successful film career, first as an editor on notable films such as Wake in Fright and then as a producer of iconic Australian titles such as CaddieBlissThe Harp in the SouthBedevil and the Oyster Farmer.