Brisbane: Life In Australia

Brisbane: Life In Australia
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Episode 1 of the Life in Australia series.

This series was made to encourage immigration to Australia and to highlight the various social activities, employment and educational opportunities and lifestyles of the various cities and regional centres throughout Australia.

This film shows an idyllic picture of life in the Queensland capital of Brisbane in the mid 1960s.

Made by the Commonwealth Film Unit 1964. Directed by Robert Parker and now available in 4K HD. 

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A mid-autumn afternoon in the subtropical Queensland capital in the mid 1960s. We begin our journey by 'spying' on a number of telephone calls, related to the prosperous business activity in Brisbane, and then follow a a traditional family ('He has a wife and two children; a boy at school, and a daughter at the university. Gill earns the money, his wife looks after the housekeeping') in their daily activities.

Part of the Life In Australia series, made for the Department of Immigration, to entice immigrants from Europe. There’s no denying that these films were a marketing tool; Australia (and its cities and rural centres) was the product, and as such, it was presented as an idyllic destination where everyone led prosperous, happy lives. The scripts for each film are almost identical, covering employment and industry, education, sport, health care, shopping, religion, night-life, and art. Australia had everything anyone could wish for!

Production Company:
The Commonwealth Film Unit
Robert Parker
Eric Thompson
Executive Producer:
Denys Brown
Reginald Pearse
Moneta Eagles, Martin Long