Box Jellyfish warning in Darwin, 1989

Box Jellyfish warning in Darwin, 1989
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This SAS 7 news item from 1989 devotes almost four minutes to the danger of Chironex fleckeri, commonly known as the box jellyfish or stinger. It starts sensationally by contrasting inviting images of the beach and swimmers with a voice-over that warns of the world’s 'most venomous marine animal’ that can 'kill humans within minutes’. The use of haunting music and referring to the jellyfish as living in a ‘mysterious world’ implies the animal almost has supernatural powers. Fortunately this news item also proves to be highly informative about the risks surrounding the box jellyfish and the steps the Northern Territory Health Department are taking to raise public awareness. On another level, this item is a tribute to Australian’s continuing fascination, and almost cultural pride, in hosting some of the world’s most deadly fauna.