BMX Bandits for Japanese release

Poster for the film BMX Bandits made for the Japanese market. The poster has various images of teens on bicycles riding in the streets among cars and vans. The centre of the poster has a large image of a girl on a bike and the film title in large letters.
BMX Bandits for Japanese release
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A poster for BMX Bandits (1983) made for the film's release in Japan, where it was titled BMX Adventure

It features a full-length shot of a cyclist riding a BMX, with the film title printed below. BMX Bandits was an action-adventure film starring a young Nicole Kidman and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. It was released in Japan in February 1983.

This poster is a wildly dynamic composition containing a multitude of scenes from the film effectively projecting the film's excitement. Front and centre is a teenager on a BMX bike which is perfectly illustrative of the film's title.