Blind Date starring Bobby Hanna

Blind Date starring Bobby Hanna
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Blind Date (1967–74) was a dating game show hosted by several different comperes, including Bobby Hanna.

It featured 3 contestants competing for a date with a mystery person. 

The mystery date was separated from the contestants by a partition, while Hanna asked them a series of questions in order to decide which contestant would be most compatible for the date.

Once the winner was chosen, the couple met and were sent on a dinner date.

This clip is a perfect 1970s time capsule, with the hairstyles, outfits, prizes (including 'Gatsby-style knitwear') and even the incidental music firmly placing it in that decade.

In the 1980s the show Perfect Match had great success using the same basic format as Blind Date, but with an updated, glitzy studio setting and catchy theme song.   

This clip is from Episode 74 of Blind Date.

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Grundy Television Pty Ltd