Beven Addinsall: Young Talent Time, 1988

Beven Addinsall: Young Talent Time, 1988
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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Beven Addinsall joined the Young Talent Time team in 1983 and was with the show until 1988.  

The show regularly includes behind-the-scenes vignettes like this one illustrating the team members' interests and introducing their family and pets.

Designed to enhance the family feel of the show, it also encourages fans to choose their favourite team members to emulate and identify with. 

After seeing Beven at home with his dog, he performs a song he wrote called ‘You Mean the World to Me’.  

Although Johnny initially references Beven’s humour and sense of fun, what really stands out in this performance is his professional approach to show business.

A singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, he’s still singing and performing today. He also heads up the team behind the 50th anniversary Young Talent Time reunion special in 2021. 

Later in this sequence Johnny mentions that John Farnham is a hero of Beven’s. Along with his strong voice, his hairstyle here is reminiscent of Farnham during his Whispering Jack album and tour of 1986–87. 

Notes by Beth Taylor