Bette Midler – the Divine Miss M

Bette Midler – the Divine Miss M
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Famous for her hit predictions, Lillian Roxon thinks that Bette Midler – the Divine Miss M – is 'going to be so big, I can't stand it'. It’s a delightful turn of phrase and encapsulates Roxon’s enthusiastic position as both fan and confidant to the stars.

Being an Italian-Australian living in America gave Roxon a unique outsider’s perspective. She enjoys Midler’s very American expression ‘it’s the pits’ and takes pleasure in sharing it with an Australian audience.

This was recorded in February 1973. Midler had released her debut album in December 1972. Roxon describes Midler to Australian audiences as a cross between Barbara Streisand and Tiny Tim. Unafraid of a barbed comment she then cuts down Carole King and James Taylor as being dull and says she doesn't know what's wrong with Elton John.

In this excerpt, an unidentified journalist interviews Lillian Roxon for radio station 2SM in Sydney. The interview took place around six months before she died.

Used with permission from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

The cover image of this title is from The Mike Walsh Show in 1980 courtesy Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions. You can see an excerpt from Better Midler's hilarious interview in the Mike Walsh Show curated collection.

Notes by Beth Taylor