The Beatles medley: Young Talent Time, 1977

The Beatles medley: Young Talent Time, 1977
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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This is a lovely example of the popular music medleys the variety show was known for.

It also highlights the show’s appeal to family members of all ages with a mix of contemporary music alongside classics from the 1960s by artists like The Beatles, The Supremes and Elvis Presley. 

Every episode of Young Talent Time ends with the cast singing ‘All My Loving’, so the music of The Beatles is part of the show’s DNA. 

The relatively low production values seen here – from simple costuming and choreography to basic set design – give the show a homespun charm. Nevertheless, the accompaniment from the Young Talent Time band is polished and the singing talent of the performers is obvious. 

The Beatles' songs featured are ‘All You Need Is Love’, ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘She Loves You’, which are all credited to the prolific songwriting partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  

This is the 6th birthday episode. As was customary for these birthday shows, the cast is joined by special guest stars from the ‘Young Talent Time family’: Jamie Redfern (1971–72), Derek Redfern (1973–76), Philip Gould (1971–76), Jane Scali (1971–76), Sally Boyden (1973–76), Greg Mills (1971–75), Rod Kirkham (1971–73), Vikki Broughton (1971–73) and Trevor Hindmarch (1972–77). 

It is interesting to see ‘Tiny’ Tina Arena (1977–83) at the very beginning of her highly successful career here. She is the youngest member of the cast and has some trouble with the dance moves at the end of the song. 

The clip also features the rest of the 1977 cast: Karen Knowles (1975–80), Steven Zammit (1975–80), Debbie Hancock (1975–78, 1979), Robert McCullough (1976–79), Nicole Cooper (1976–81) and  Johnny Bowles (1977–81). 

The series ran from 1971 to 1988 with musician host Johnny Young and his team of young performers. This is episode 77/12 and was broadcast in June 1977 (hence the winter setting and wardrobe!).

Notes by Beth Taylor