Barrier Story

Barrier Story
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Broken Hill, the "Barrier City", stands in one of Australia's most desolate regions in western N.S.W. Barrier Story captures the bustling, industrious and prosperous city of Broken Hill in the 1950s. The film retraces the development of the city from the days of the 14 000-square-mile Mount Gipp sheep station to the present day, and illustrates the life and recreations of the community of Broken Hill, the third largest city in N.S.W. Mining has brought wealth, security and steady social progress.

Barrier Story was made by the National Film Board in 1953 and directed by Hugh Alexander. The production described Broken Hill, the "uncrowned capital of Western New South Wales", as being transformed from a single sheep station in the 1800s to a "lusty, swaggering metropolis" situated on one of the richest silver, lead and zinc fields in the world. It presents a picture of harmony and co-operation between industry and the people of Broken Hill that has built a vigorous and active community.