The baritone, the composer, and the Tea Man

The baritone, the composer, and the Tea Man
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During the 1940s and ’50s there were numerous small recording studios in the big cities where anyone could record a one-off acetate disc or perhaps have a small run pressed. This intriguing sleeve is from a record made by Harry Dallimore of Gulgong, and mentions in a typed note on the back that was one of the last 78 rpms pressed in Sydney. This would date it to the late ’50s or even the early 1960s. Unfortunately the NFSA does not have the disc, only the sleeve.

Park Recording Library

Harry Dallimore, bass baritone of Gulgong, NSW, sings two Australian compositions on 10" standard disc PG-1
Side one: Bless this House (May Brahe)
Side two: This Lovely Day (wedding ballad - Harry Dallimore's own)

Photo block by courtesy Lipton (Overseas) Ltd., shows the late May Brahe, famous Australian composer of such lovely melodies as "To a Miniature", "I Passed by Your Window" and "Bless This House'. Her visitor is A.H. Pycraft, ES., who as Lipton's Head Tea Blender (and better known as the Lipton Tea Man) is sipping tea with his hostess - Lipton's new Yellow Label blend, which he brought in his "unique" caddy.

A private recording pressed by Australian Record Co. Ltd, Sydney NSW