AWA Radiolette 38A

AWA 'The Fisk' Radiolette 38A
AWA Radiolette 38A
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This 1927 model AWA Radiolette has a polished walnut redelec case with contrasting grained ivory fret and feet, four volume control/tuning dials, AWA badge, and straight line tuning dial encased in square chrome escutcheon on front.

This radio was a treasured possession of the Bollard family from 1937/8-2020. It was likely originally purchased from Townsville electrical store J.B. Chandler's Pty. Ltd in c1938. The original owners Raymond Thomas Bollard and his wife Margaret Bollard ran a boarding house in Queensland where the radio was a popular item for lodgers and the Bollard family.

During this period, Jack Craig-Gardiner (Greenbottle), a radio actor from the series The Fourth Form at St Percy's (later Yes, What?), lodged with the family whilst working at radio station 4TO Townsville.

Also pictured is an accounting ledger dating from 1938-1940 (NFSA title: 1630999) used by the Bollards. Listed in the ledger are regular monthly payments of 18/- shillings per month for the purchase of the radio.