Australasian Gazette: Shopping Week, Sydney

Australasian Gazette: Shopping Week, Sydney
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An intertitle introduces the ‘monster parade’ as floats and exhibits parade down the street. People in costumes include a child dressed as a wedding cake, Boy Scouts on billycarts, a ghost, Felix the Cat, what looks like two Chinese mythological characters and Charlie Chaplin. All pose for the camera. Summary by Elizabeth Taggart-Speers.

This black-and-white newsreel segment captures a carnivale at Bondi Junction in 1926 for shopping week. Local interest stories such as this would have been contributed by cameramen around Australia and various versions of the weekly Australasian Gazette newsreel would be made for each state.

This silent newsreel uses a title card to introduce the story. The title card tells us that the newsreel clip is of exhibits in 'monster procession’ held during Bondi Junction Carnival, a title much like a heading in a newspaper.

Newsreels were an integral part of cinema programming in Australia before the advent of television in 1956. Issued on a weekly basis, newsreels enabled people to further engage with local and national political stories and events.Australasian Gazette began in 1913 and ran until the advent of talkies in the early 1930s.

Notes by Elizabeth Taggart-Speers