An Aussie Audience With Dame Edna: Celebrities

An Aussie Audience With Dame Edna: Celebrities
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Dame Edna Everage entertains a studio jam-packed with Australian celebrities in 1986.

In this opening from An Aussie Audience With Dame Edna we see the megastar's celebrity-pulling power.

Guests include: musicians Angry Anderson, John Farnham and Graeme 'Shirley' Strachan; music guru Ian 'Molly' Meldrum; fashion icons Prue Acton and Jenny Kee; Olympian Dawn Fraser; entrepreneur Bob Ansett; sportspeople Grant Kenny and Ron Barassi; actors Barry Crocker, Linda Stoner, Noeline Brown, Rowena Wallace and even Barry Humphries himself, with his then-wife Diane Millstead.

Everage has an interesting relationship with celebrity, having basically deemed herself a superstar, then a megastar and later gigastar. She likes to rub shoulders with celebrities and enjoys keeping them in their place (below her) and treating them like 'ordinary folk'.

Notes by Beth Taylor