Almost Anything Goes: Rollerskating horses

Almost Anything Goes: Rollerskating horses
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Hosted by Tim Evans and Brendan Edwards, Almost Anything Goes (1976–78) was a forerunner of It's a Knockout, the popular 1980s show hosted by Fiona MacDonald and Billy J Smith. 

Like It's a Knockout, the show featured 4 teams from different states competing for cash prizes. The games often included dressing up in silly costumes and performing near-impossible physical challenges. 

In this clip, the teams have 2 players wearing rollerskates and dressed in a horse costume being ridden by another teammate dressed as a jockey.

The 'horses' have to navigate their way around a slippery course carrying their jockey the entire time until they reach the finish line. One team manages to breeze through the course, leaving the others in its wake – slipping, sliding and falling over themselves, making for great entertainment. 

This clip is from Episode 10/2 of Almost Anything Goes.