Almost Anything Goes: Human catapult

Almost Anything Goes: Human catapult
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Almost Anything Goes (1976–78) was a precursor to the popular 1980s game show It's a Knockout

Hosted by Tim Evans and Brendan Edwards, it featured four teams from different states competing in crazy challenges for cash prizes. 

In this clip, two teams have to use a giant slingshot to catapult one of their players down a long, slippery mat.

The team that accumulates the furthest distance over several attempts goes into the final. 

This challenge brings to mind the backyard 'slip 'n slide' that so many children growing up in 1970s suburban Australia would be familiar with.

This was part of the charm of shows like Almost Anything Goes and It's a Knockout – they were akin to a school sports carnival for grown ups, complete with team colours and silly costumes, but on a national scale. 

This clip is from Episode 10/2 of Almost Anything Goes.