Blankety Blanks with Graham Kennedy

Blankety Blanks with Graham Kennedy
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Blankety Blanks was a hugely popular game show of the late 1970s hosted by legendary TV personality Graham Kennedy.

It initially ran for 2 seasons and was based on a US game show called Match Game.

The show featured a panel of celebrities and 2 contestants. The contestants and celebrities were read a statement with a word missing and they all had to come up with a word to fill in the blank.

The contestant whose blank word matched with the most celebrities was the winner and would go on to play a solo round for prize money.  

The celebrity panel was made up of regular contributors Noeline Brown and 'Ugly' Dave Gray, who featured in almost every episode, along with other entertainers, actors and singers including John Paul Young, Stuart Wagstaff and Noel Ferrier. 

The panel in this clip includes Noeline, Dave and Stuart as well as actors Wendy Hughes and Barry Creyton, and singer-songwriter Trevor White.

Although the show was a ratings success, Kennedy decided after 2 seasons that he didn't want to renew his contract, preferring to leave the show on a high note. 

Blankety Blanks was revived in Australia in the 1980s, hosted by Daryl Somers, and the 1990s, when it was hosted by Shane Bourne.

This clip is from Episode 14/2 of Blankety Blanks