Reg Grundy's Wheel of Fortune

Reg Grundy's Wheel of Fortune
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This clip is from an incomplete episode of Reg Grundy's Wheel of Fortune (1959–62), another early TV game show that had its origins in radio.

The show featured contestants who had to spin a wheel to determine their prizes. This clip features some awkward banter from Grundy when the male, unmarried contestant wins some cosmetics.

Wheel of Fortune was the first TV game show that Grundy produced and it's obvious he was still finding his feet in the new broadcast medium as it's a far cry from the slick productions that came out of the Grundy Organisation in the decades to follow. 

The program also had a 'True or False' segment where four contestants wrote down responses to questions posed by Grundy, with his wife Lola collecting the answers. 

A later version of Wheel of Fortune was hugely successful on Australian TV, running from 1981 to 2008.

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