Musical Cashbox

Musical Cashbox
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Musical Cashbox (1969–72) was a music quiz show hosted by TV personality Tim Evans, who hosted a number of game shows including It Could Be You and Almost Anything Goes

The format of Musical Cashbox saw two contestants pitting their music knowledge against each other, having to guess the name of the song being played and then receiving points for singing the next line. 

One of the songs they don't guess correctly in this clip is 'And I Love Her' by The Beatles.

Tim Evans makes for a charming host in his interactions with the contestants as he moves back and forth between them.

You can see from this clip how game shows were beginning to evolve when compared with programs from the 1950s and early 60s. Here we have multi-camera angles involving wide shots and close-ups on the contestants and more elaborate sets, staging and lighting.

Another tell-tale sign of the era is the voice-over announcer, who comments gratuitously on the women's 'lovely smiles'.

This clip is from episode 052 of Musical Cashbox.