Ford Superquiz with Bert and Patti Newton

Ford Superquiz with Bert and Patti Newton
Nine Network, Fremantle
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Ford Superquiz (1981–82) was based on Bob Dyer's Pick a Box (1957–71).

Not only was the format of the show the same, but both programs were presented by husband-and-wife teams: Bert and Patti Newton (Ford Superquiz) and Bob and Dolly Dyer (Pick a Box).

The format of the show saw two contestants answering the same set of questions. Whoever scored highest could choose a box with a prize inside.

The contestant is offered the choice of taking a cash prize or whatever might be in the box. 

In this clip, the carry-over champion chooses to take the box. Bert then offers him $45 but he turns down the cash and sticks with the box, winning a silver tea and coffee set valued at $485 from Oneida.

The top prize on the show was a Ford motor vehicle valued at over $20,000. 

Bert Newton also hosted Australia's Celebrity Game (1969) and appeared on the first 'Famous Faces' board on Sale of the Century (1980).

You can watch clips from New Faces (1982), hosted by Bert Newton, on australianscreen.

This clip is from episode 1003 of Ford Superquiz.