31 Questions: Meet the contestants

31 Questions: Meet the contestants
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Comedy writer David M Green hosted the humorous game show 31 Questions (2012–14), which ran on community TV station Channel 31.

The show also featured Anthony McCormack as the moderator and Sophie Loughran as co-host and scorer.

The format had two contestants facing off against each other answering general knowledge questions.

31 Questions was both an homage to, and a satirical look at, game shows like Sale of the Century.

The intentionally cringeworthy exchange between Green and Loughran at the start of this clip is reminiscent of game shows that featured a male host who would routinely kiss his female co-host on the cheek and comment on her appearance at the start of the show. 

The role of the female co-host (usually a well known actress or model) was to introduce contestants and present the prizes. The start of these shows often featured some awkward banter between the host, moderator and the contestants, as we see in this comedic take.        

Segments in the show included 'General Knowledge', 'Word on the Street', 'When Is It?', 'Complexity' and 'The One Where They Quote the Movies'.  

This clip is from series 2, episode 1.