The Pressure Pak Show

The Pressure Pak Show
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Hosted by Jack Davey, The Pressure Pak Show (1957–58) was a quiz show where a panel of four contestants had to guess a phrase from a series of clues given to them by the host.

Like many early television game shows this program began life as a radio quiz. With the introduction of TV in Australia, it was soon repurposed to suit the exciting new broadcast medium.

Some early television shows that had their origins in radio were shortlived, possibly because television was still in an experimental phase and they were unsuited to a visual format, with very basic studio sets and minimal graphics.

However, they did lay the foundations for other successful quiz shows of the same era, including Bob Dyer's Pick a Box and Reg Grundy's Wheel of Fortune, which had more successful TV adaptations.

Davey, a popular Australian radio personality, also hosted the TV game shows Give it a Go and The Dulux Show.

This episode of The Pressure Pak Show featured actor Reg Goldsworthy and cartoonist Jim Russell on the panel.