The Price is Right: Christmas Showcase

The Price is Right: Christmas Showcase
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The Price is Right was a popular afternoon game show that saw contestants plucked from the studio audience to take on solo challenges that involve guessing the prices of various products.

The show was known for its catchphrase of 'C'mon down!' as the contestants' names were called, plus its glitzy studio set, glamorous models and excitable contestants.

There were several iterations of the show, which appeared on two different networks and was also known as The New Price is Right.

Larry Emdur is the host who features in this clip, ramping up the tension and excitement during the final 'Showcase' segment of the 1995 Christmas episode. 

The show's other presenters included Garry Meadows (1973–74) and Ian Turpie (1981–85, 1989).

This clip is from episode 95/459, recorded on 15 November 1995.