COVID-19 Pandemic Profile: Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope

COVID-19 Pandemic Profile: Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
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Both Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope are actors, writers, directors and producers, and together they run the acclaimed production company Gristmill.

As an actor, Robyn is best known for her starring role in the television comedy series The Librarians (2007–10), and Wayne has enjoyed a long career appearing in comedy programs and films such as The Castle (1997) and BoyTown (2006).

Robyn and Wayne's production company Gristmill has produced many successful series, such as Upper Middle Bogan (2013–16), The Librarians, Very Small Business (2008) and Little Lunch (2015–16).

In March 2020, Robyn and Wayne were deep in development for their next slate of programs when the pandemic hit – but in the spirit of 'pivoting' they were able to turn the disruption into a positive.

Approached by the recently out-of-work star of Wicked, Lucy Durack, the team rapidly responded to unfolding events by writing and producing the online romantic comedy series Love in Lockdown. They practically invented the quarantine rom-com genre over their 17-day schedule.

In this clip, Robyn and Wayne talk about the many challenges they encountered in producing the series, especially the added complication of co-star Eddie Perfect being based remotely in Sydney while Lucy, Robin and Wayne were all in Melbourne.