Joyce Maynge: Stay Home Stay Safe

Joyce Maynge: Stay Home Stay Safe
Joyce Maynge (Shane Pascoe)
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In this public service announcement, Sydney drag queen Joyce Maynge (Shane Pascoe) hilariously dances on the rooftop balcony of their Potts Point apartment building to Robyn’s 'Dancing on My Own'.

One YouTube commentator describes Joyce as 'like a beautiful tropical fish that fell out of the tank'.

Like many restless artists and performers during COVID-19 lockdown, Joyce’s regular performance venues were shut down.

Instead, performers like Joyce creatively turned their bedrooms and apartments into stages to bring their artistry online.

Maynge is also represented in the NFSA collection in a series of flash mob videos and a special on the 2002 Sydney Gay Games. 

Watch Joyce Maynge interviewed for the NFSA Livestream: Creativity in the Time of COVID discussion, recorded in May 2021.