Nat’s What I Reckon: Carbo-rona Sauce

Nat’s What I Reckon: Carbo-rona Sauce
Nat’s What I Reckon
WARNING: This clip contains coarse language
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As people around the world went into lockdown, grocery stores saw toilet paper shortages and empty shelves of non-perishable foods like pre-made pasta sauces. 

Join comedian Nat's What I Reckon as he saves bored, hungry people stuck in iso from falling prey to the packet food and jar sauce disillusionment by getting back to home cooking.

This episode of his series of viral instructional videos looks at making the classic carbonara (or Carbo-rona), but spiced up with Nat's signature humour and a liberal sprinkling of f-bombs! 

Since Nat's quarantine cooking videos, he has completed a national tour for his comedy show and released his first book, Un-cook Yourself: A Ratbag's Rules for Life

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