NFSA Restores: Floating Life – Dangerous Australia

NFSA Restores: Floating Life – Dangerous Australia
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The NFSA's digitally restored version of Clara Law's Floating Life premiered at the Hong Kong Film Festival in April 2021 and also screened at the Brisbane International Film Festival and Sydney Film Festival in 2021. Read more about the restoration of Floating Life (1996).

The film explores the Asian migrant experience in Australia in the early 1990s. The Chan family arrives in their new home in Australia – a new house on a new street in a new suburb. Mr Chan (Edwin Pang) marvels at the size of the kitchen. The younger boys Chau and Yue (Toby Chan and Toby Wong) immediately set off to explore the house.

Bing (Annie Yip) warns everyone of the dangers of life in Australia – from skin cancer to redback spiders to pitbull terriers. Mrs Chan (Cecilia Lee) unwraps the family altar, which has travelled on the plane with her. 

Summary by Paul Byrnes