The Flash Mob – Sydney Stories with Warren Fahey

The Flash Mob – Sydney Stories with Warren Fahey
Warren Fahey
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This episode of Sydney Stories with Warren Fahey includes an overview of Sydney’s ‘high life’ down through the decades from the Lord Mayor’s 1844 Fancy Dress Ball to dancing at the Trocadero and 1950s nightclubs.

Sydney abounds with curious history. Some stories are known but many have disappeared over time.

Cultural historian and storyteller Warren Fahey has created a dozen video stories of the city's past; each offers a unique slice of Sydney’s hidden history.

Sydney Stories with Warren Fahey features footage from the collection of the NFSA.

It was created with assistance from the City of Sydney Creative Fellowships Fund and support of The Vine Foundation.

The grants were under the auspice of the Folk Federation of New South Wales.

Content warning: this clip features images of people in fancy dress based on racist caricatures.