Martin/Molloy: 1997 ARIA Award Acceptance Speech

Martin/Molloy: 1997 ARIA Award Acceptance Speech
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In this excerpt from the 1997 ARIA Awards, Tony Martin and Mick Molloy accept their second ARIA award for Best Comedy Release for their compilation album Poop Chute

Tony specifically praises the work of Pete Smith and encourages the audience to give an extra round of applause for him.

While Tony handles the customary thank yous – as well as throwing in a few quick jokes of his own – Mick's closing contribution to the acceptance speech is a humorous non sequitur that the audience knows not to take seriously.

Although the duo did win a third ARIA Award in 1999 for Eat Your Peas, they did not accept that award in person. 

Like The Brown Album (1996), Poop Chute was accredited gold by ARIA for selling 35,000 copies. Eat Your Peas (1999) did even better, being accredited platinum for selling 70,000 copies.

This clip is also a good example of the high production values brought to live broadcasting by Australian crews with multiple cameras, quality live vision switching and excellent sound capturing the moment.