Montage from the 1970 VFL Grand Final

Montage from the 1970 VFL Grand Final
Seven Network, Nine Network, Vera Kinnear, 3AW
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Superbly captured in one uninterrupted shot under the direction of HSV7’s football broadcasting pioneer Alf Potter, 25-year-old Carlton full forward Alex Jesaulenko made a perfectly timed run and leap onto Collingwood ruckman Graeme 'Jerker' Jenkin on the MCG members’ wing.

It remains the most famous grab in VFL history.  

Endlessly rescreened ever since, HSV7 commentator Mike Williamson’s accompanying catchcry – 'Jesaulenko, you beauty!' – has entered the national lexicon, transcending the moment of play to become a catchphrase of high marking, enshrining both the player and event in Australian sporting folklore.

Presented here for the first time is in an edited montage of surviving TV, film and radio coverage from the NFSA collection of 'Jezza’s' most famous moment, including the iconic sequence in colour.

Notes by Simon Smith