Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry Blossoms in Japan
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The British Commonwealth Occupation Force was in Japan from 1946–52, with two squadrons of the Royal Australian Air Force based at Iwakuni near the village of Bofu (now Hofu).

Kip Porteous was stationed there and recorded events as part of the photographic unit.

Many in the squadrons befriended Japanese locals, recounting that they felt more like visitors than an occupying force.

The footage supports this as we see people eat, sing, drink and relax among the cherry blossoms.

Kip Porteous went on to hold numerous roles at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) including film supervisor and head of features.

He was also a foundational member and one of the longest serving presidents of the Producers' and Directors' Guild of Australia.

The NFSA holds numerous items that Kip Porteous produced or participated in, including 27 home movies.