Halal Gurls

Halal Gurls
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Halal Gurls offers a candid look into the lives of three 20-something Hijabis living in Bankstown, Sydney as they endure the unseen everyday culture clash between their faith and desire. These women are strong, smart and sassy – 100% certified.

In Episode 3 (Going Up), Mouna (Aanisa Vylet) must face off against Rakesh (Vonne Patiag), a pansexual South-East Asian co-worker, to prove to her boss (Bryan Brown) and his colleagues who is more suitable for the new diversity position at work.

Billed as the world's first hijabi comedy series, when the trailer launched in September 2019, it racked up 50,000+ views in 72 hours, a record for any Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) original show.

The series is available globally through the ABC Comedy YouTube channel and has become one of their highest viewed original series. You can also watch Halal Gurls on ABC iView.