The end of newsreels: Ray Edmondson

The end of newsreels: Ray Edmondson

Ray Edmondon describes how, following the advent of television in 1956, newsreels in Australia shared the common fate of cinema newsreels in other parts of the world.

The medium became a news magazine, gradually shrinking in length and increasing in sponsored content to compensate for diminishing budgets.

In 1970 the two rival newsreel production companies combined: the all-Australian Cinesound Review joined forces with Fox Movietone News (Australian edition) to become Australian Movie Magazine. The venture quietly faded out as a production company in 1975.

The NFSA's Cinesound-Movietone Newsreel Collection has been added to the Australian Memory of the World Register, part of UNESCO's Memory of the World Program.

Ray Edmondson has been an international leader in preserving, restoring, interpreting and presenting audiovisual media. For his outstanding contributions to audiovisual archiving, he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 1987 and made the NFSA's first Curator Emeritus, in 2001.